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Noire Care is a place to bear witness to the courageous acts of self care amongst Black Women. What have you done for you lately?  It takes courage to say no or not now and leave things to the wayside so that you can put you first especially for women of color.  This was is not traditionally a learned or shared behavior passed down from mother to daughter. So many of us are badass in almost every area of our lives but suck here where it really counts.

Wouldn’t you donate your time or resources to someone you saw who really needed it or was hurting? Well you need to look at the woman in the mirror, is she ok? Have you catered to her needs or simply spent 20 minutes doting on her. I’ve learned that nobody is going to make sure that I am healthy, or my spirits are up, or that I feel pretty like I can.

I learned last year after caring for, then loosing my father while also tending to a toddler under one and a teen that I needed help. I never missed a beat, I handled the affairs, I moved, I paid the bills, I got my freelance projects, voiced and worked to fight injustices going on against my community, all of this was while I was gradually gaining back my post pregnancy weight and my once long lustrous mane of hair was falling out.  I was so use to going with the flow and doing what needed to be done that I forgot about me. I see it in my girls posts online, hear it on the phone and see it in action how easy it is to neglect oneself.

So I started to fight back. I revisited Audre Lordes’ magnificence and was reminded how revolutionary and powerful it is to dote on myself and to speak up when I am hurting.  I started doing simple things like making time for regular pedicures and manicures, sending the baby to daycare for a few days and running again. The icing on the cake was my springing for a solo birthday vacay something that I had never allowed myself to do followed by cutting the baby off the boob just before her second birthday without feeling guilty because I’d had enough. I believe it starts with something as simple as indulging in a new nail color or lipstick, making time for a nap, exercise, meditation, journaling, planning a getaway or whatever makes you happy to build your armor.

This platform was designed to support revolutionaries who have decided to give a few less damns so that that they can do a little something for themselves and birth new revolutionists by sharing our care practices to inspire changes in behavior.

Noire Care is a place to explore and find an act of self preservation to include in your arsenal to keep you day to day. Its time to take back our bodies, minds and our health by sharing stories to encourage one another.

I am no health professional or doctor I am simply a sister who has had to fight to make sure that I take care of myself no matter what so that I can take care of my family and support my community.  I am here to share what inspires me and brings me joy along with the conversations I’ve had with my sisters who are doing the same.




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[…] 6. Check out the self-care website NoireCare. […]


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