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Share your stories, photos and videos of you indulging in noire care and we will notify you of your feature being posted.

Noire Care practice (your self care practice(s):
How long have you been practicing?:
Who or what introduced you to it?
What is the best way for a beginner to get started? Are there low/no costways to getting started?
How often do you practice?
Where do you practice?:
Is this something you can enjoy with others or do you prefer the solitude?
How does this practice make you better?
Did you grow up witnessing your mother, aunties or any women in your life consistently taking time to do something just for them?
Where can our sisters follow and learn more about you? (instagram, snapchat, blog, etc)
Anything you might like to add:
Upload a photo of you in the act of self care:
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Upload additional photo or video (if you have)::